At Teleconsulting, we have been providing mobile equipment’s & subscriptions, IP telephone systems, Skype for business (LYNC), audio & video conference systems (e.g. LifeSize conference system) and technical services in IT and telecommunication sectors for more than 17 years. All along, it has been our main objective to maintain above par standards of our services offered and keep providing top of the line and superior quality audio & video conversations flow, seamlessly between mobile, landline, Skype and switchboards in optimal solutions for respective business needs.

Mobil Subscriptions and IP-Telephone System

If your organization or company uses mobile phones as part of internal and external communications, there are plentiful benefits to gain by adopting our solution of IP-Telephone service (e.g. 3CX-System, Skype for business) as it integrates mobile and landline telecommunication systems. We also offer multiple flexible facilities for mobile subscriptions to our permanent customers, where they can cover both free unlimited calls and data in EU/EEA with standard price rates.

Teleconsulting is also an online retailer for different mobile subscriptions.

  1. Telenor
  2. Telia


All IP gateways for your phone systems, are compatible with 3CX phone system. The facilities you can benefit from it can range from activating your existing analog phones with VoIP gateway to connecting to existing PSTN/ISDN phone lines through VoIP gateway. Furthermore with 3CX PBX server, which is provided by IP PBX software based communication facility, you can also select to operate inbound and outbound calls on existing PSTN/ISDN lines, or with E1/T1 lines if you have company offices abroad.

Skype for business

All communications with Skype for business at one place

With Skype for Business, the employs of a company can make audio and video calls or web conferencing using their PC and mobile app via unified communications platform. Skype for business is a module in Office 365 which is centralized to many businesses and organizations, where they can also select to integrate the entire Office 365 with all modules at the same time.

We make sure to provide communication solutions as per individual business needs at competitive prices, with complete freedom to retain or replace existing vendors. Through our telecommunication services, you can integrate your contacts, other operator services along with Skype for business, Office 365 services, as well as mobile and landline telephony.