Net and Infrastructure

Net and Infrastructure

While the world experience rapid growth in data traffic and capacity needs, demand for more bandwidth has ever increased. Simultaneously, businesses are more reliant on IT systems and networks operations at above par level. We make sure that our clients have the needed capacity and are able to make right choices for their needs.

  • We provide data communication via SHDSL, FIBER, ADSL and VDSL based on fiber for superior performance. Adaptability to various technology and access needs of businesses, is our hallmark.
  • We offer all forms of data communications services

Accesses (Layer 2) – with prime data flow along with least possible delay between locations


  • IP-VPN – For communications between different locations
  • Collocation – Transfer of servers at data center
  • Cloud-Custom – As per current time’s needs, businesses are relocating applications and servers from locally placed to the cloud. Such task requires fiber-based broadband to perform at its optimal level

It is important to the right access form that provides the required capacity (Fiber, IPVPN, Internet, SIP Trunk, ISDN, Mobile).